AUS220 Major Project Reflection

Introduction I have now completed my major project for AUS220. The aim of this project was to build my portfolio both as a studio engineer and as an electronic music producer. Additionally, I aimed to both improve and hone my skills in producing music. For this reflection, I will be looking at evaluating the results of each […]

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AUS220 Live Production Blog

Hey guys! So this tri in addition to studio and post production, I have also been learning live sound production. I have had experience in the live sound world, having been a front-of-house (FOH) engineer at a local church. As a result, I was interested in learning how to set up for a live gig […]

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AUS220 – Genre Analysis

Hey guys, this trimester I am studying the AUS220 module at SAE. This trimester covers Post-Production, Live Sound Production and advanced studio production techniques. For my first blog post of the trimester, I will be analysing the similarities and differences between two songs, both of a different genre. I have chosen to compare the drum & bass song “Voodoo […]

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AUD210 Major Project Reflection

An Introduction For my AUD210 major project, I decided to test my recording, producing and sampling skills. This project involved using recordings of live instrumentation and applying them in electronic music production contexts. The aim of completing this project was to gain experience in recording in a studio environment as well as improving my skills […]

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