TLA Practice Session Part 2

This Thursday I thought I would do another practice session in the TLA studio. I was quite eager to get more practice in using the hardware effects gear. Again with my trusty friend, I thought I’d try and apply some of these effects. Using the patch cables, I was able to use the effects as […]

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Deconstructing the Prophet ’08

For my major SAE project, one of the musicians I’ll be recording will be using a Dave Smith Prophet ’08 synthesizer. To help me understand the parameters of this instrument and the possibilities of sound design (and because I have a large interest in hardware synthezizers), I thought I’d deconstruct it. (Prophet ’08 – image […]

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TLA Practice Part 1

Last week Thursday, I booked out the TLA Studio and a recording room to practice getting a signal into the desk. I got a friend who studied SAE’s Diploma course to assist me. Using the notes I collated in my last prac, I was able to get signal from the vocalist into the desk. I […]

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