Teaching myself Logic Pro X

So since I have experience in using Ableton Live and Pro Tools to compose and mix music, as part of my self-directed learning, I will be teaching myself how to use Logic Pro X. I was a bit skeptical of using it as it looked a bit tricky (and because it’s Mac exclusive… and I […]

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Fun with Synthesis – Serum

As part of my self-directed learning, I wanted to focus more on sound design. I recently touched sound design back in the Diploma course but I want to look at more advanced methods. To practice, I decided to use the most versatile and powerful VST synthesizer, Steve Duda’s Xfer Serum. I have been mucking around […]

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Making a Big Bang

For my first task, I had to construct a 30 second track that represents the Big Bang that created the universe. I was given a time limit of 30 minutes. I chose to drop a bunch of ‘spacey’ atmospheric samples and an explosion sample into Pro Tools, structure the track and mix the arrangement accordingly. […]

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