Puzzle Sampling Week 5

After 5 weeks of sampling recorded instruments  I have finally finished my “Puzzle Sampling” Project. This week I finished making my Kontakt guitar patch. To be honest it does not sound as realistic as I hoped but I like the overall “grunge-y” sound of it.

Guitar screenshot
Sampling Puzzle’s electric guitar in Kontakt

Although the guitar was pre-amped, I felt it could use some extra distortion to give it some abrasiveness. After removing the muddy low end with a high pass filter, I used  adistortion effect, a tape staurator, a “Twang” amp and a phaser filter. Collectively, the Kontakt effects highly benefited the guitar sound.

Guitar fx screenshot
The guitar effects rack in Ableton

Now that I have completed all three sampled instrument patches, I decided to make a 1 minute “rock” demo in Ableton to show them in action. You can listen to it below:

While composing the drums for the demo, I realised I gated too much of the kick and the overall thump was lost. Due to spill, it was much harder for me to select the right kick drum to sample. I thought that adding saturation and controlling the transients would help but I realise it was the result of gating too much spill in the recording. Nevertheless, the kick did have a nice boom and click to it.

Also while composing the demo I noticed that the bass sounded warm and fat but because I removed the end to remove the guitar spill, it sounded quite dull sounding like an electronic sub bass. Ultimately, the bass should have been DI-d in the first place (it turns out the band wanted the amp sound of the bass which was why they refused to use the DI). Despite this, the bass could certainly be used in electronic music as a sub or just to give a track some much needed low end.

Next week I will be putting the finishing touches to my patches. I’ll see if I can fix the kick drum (or possible select another kick drum to sample). I will also be writing up instructions on how to load and use the patches. I’m considering adding another octave to the guitar patch but I felt the higher guitar notes sounded quite weak.



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