AUD210 Major Project Reflection

An Introduction For my AUD210 major project, I decided to test my recording, producing and sampling skills. This project involved using recordings of live instrumentation and applying them in electronic music production contexts. The aim of completing this project was to gain experience in recording in a studio environment as well as improving my skills […]

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Puzzle Sampling Week 5

After 5 weeks of sampling recorded instruments  I have finally finished my “Puzzle Sampling” Project. This week I finished making my Kontakt guitar patch. To be honest it does not sound as realistic as I hoped but I like the overall “grunge-y” sound of it. Although the guitar was pre-amped, I felt it could use some […]

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Puzzle Sampling Week 4

As of this week I have finished the Kontakt bass patch. I solved my Automapping problem by individually placing the notes in the mapping editor and used the spread option in Kontakt to help me fill in the gaps. The next step was to process the bass. I used this tutorial to give me ideas […]

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