Puzzle Sampling Week 3

This week, I re-recorded Puzzle’s guitars at SAE for my sampling project. Actually it was just one guitar, I thought we were recording both bass and electric guitar but the band said they were fine with how the bass sounded so they didn’t bring it. It’s a shame as I actually hired a DI from the tech office for the bass (we did end up using it for keys but they were only used for one song).

Re-recording guitars at SAE, with Dylan Walters and Jake Connor

To compensate for the lack of bass and the spill in the last recording, I used low-pass filters to remove the electric  guitar spill and that solved the problem. I also pitched some of the bass notes in Ableton to make it easier to sample and I used Fabfilter Saturn to beef up some of the bass notes as some (especially the lower notes) sounded a bit weak.

I was glad that at least they were re-recording guitars as it was near-impossible for me to remove the bass from the guitar and they did not sound as nice. So we mainly focused on recording Dylan’s guitar (and vocals) for the band’s EP. Here is a snippet of the result we got.

My goal this week is to finish processing and editing the guitars by this weekend as on Tuesday, I will be processing them in Kontakt. If I cannot complete the guitars on Tuesday, I will definitely complete them next week and start composing the demo then.

I finished processing the drums this week in Battery. The kick drum was the hardest to process as there was a big click at the end and when I tailed it, the kick sounded much weaker. To compensate I used Fabfilter Saturn and some EQ-ing to beef it. I also used Battery’s compressors as well.

I also duplicated the tom drum twice (as only one tom got recorded in the last session) and pitched them slightly (via pitch envelopes) so they acted as other toms. Eventually all the drums started to sound good and I even made some drum effects (like a reverse cymbal). I even used the limiter to make them punchy and loud.

Battery screenshot proc
The finished battery drum kit

To test my drums, I made a little drum beat in Battery. I won’t be using this for the demo but it should give you an idea of how the drums currently sound. I will be uploading the Battery kit at the end of this trimester but I may export it earlier and show it to my classmates for feedback.

So next week I will  be sampling the bass and electric guitar in Kontakt. I will definitely be doing some research on Kontakt to ensure Automapping goes smoothly. I am also delivering another work-in-progress presentation on Tuesday and so I will be looking at Google Slides and seeing how I can embed soundcloud and YouTube links in them.













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