Puzzle Sampling Week 2 (incl. contingency plan)

I have been looking at the different effects in Battery. I’ve been mucking around with the effects on some the drum hits and they are starting to sound a lot punchier. It was great using the S1200 vintage effect to give some drums that 80s sampled feel. Because only one tom got recorded (the floor tom), I will be duplicating and pitching the duplicates to act as other tom drums.

To help me better understand the effects in Battery, I have been watching the following tutorial video below. There were a lot of effects I neglected such as the “effects” filters (like Formant and Phase). Apparently Battery has a convolution reverb which will be very useful for snares and cymbals. I am also planning on using the Master buss channel to give all drum a thicker and more consistent sound.

I have finished editing, topping and tailing my samples in Ableton. I thought I would do some further editing before processing them in Battery. Using the fades, EQs as well as gates helped me remove any unnecessary parts (in particular clicks). I also used Fabfilter Saturn to beef up some of the drum hits and to also give it that extra tape sound. Unfortunately I could not extract a ride cymbal from the overheads because the other cymbals (especially the crash) spilt onto it. Next time, I will do more practice on individual drum miking to reduce spill.

Processing Kick
How I processed my Kick drum

Here are all the processed drum hits below:

It has been hard processing the guitars and bass in Kontakt due to the spill. It just so happens that Puzzle also wish to re-record the guitars. And so alongside my mate, I have decided to re-record the guitars at SAE next week. Upon suggestion from classmates and my lecturer, I will be DI-ing the bass (whether the band likes it or not) and hopefully that should avoid spill altogether. I may also go over what microphones to use as well to get a cleaner sound from the guitars (as the AKG C414 may have made them sound a bit too harsh). The drums should be fully processed in Battery next week and soon I can start my 1-minute demo.

As for my contingency plan, I plan on using a combination of hardware and software to back up my data. First of all, all Battery and Kontakt patches will be saved as monoliths and the “Collect all and save” function will be applied to Ableton projects  to ensure no samples are lost. The resulting files will be copied among multiple hard drives. Finally, I plan on using Google Drive and Dropbox to store the files online in case the hard drive files get damaged. I will also be using this backup plan for my other project.


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