Puzzle Sampling Project Week 1

This AUD210 project involves recording a rock band in the TLA studio, extracting the audio files and sampling the individual instruments in Battery and Kontakt.

Last week Saturday, myself and a mate recorded the indie band Puzzle’s debut EP in the TLA studio. The band consisted of Alec Hay on drums, Jake Connor on bass and Dylan Walters on electric guitar and vocals. By some miracle we managed to record five tracks in 6 hours. The EP itself is not part of the project, and my mate will be mixing that separately.


Dylan Walters on lead guitar and vocals


Alec Hay on drums


Jake Connor on bass guitar

Here is some of the raw audio recorded; I made a little beat using the drums as an idea of how they can be used after they are processed:

This week, I focused on topping and tailing the samples in Ableton. So far I have edited the drums and the bass which were easy. With the bass I applied a low pass filter EQ and removed the high frequencies to remove the guitar spill. I also gated the drums to avoid any spill.

Puzzle Sampling Ableton ScreenshotEditing the samples in Ableton

Whilte the drums were recorded in a separate room, the bass and lead guitar were recorded in the same room. Because of this, it was much harder to remove the bass spill from the lead guitar. In addition, some audio was not recorded (although I was able to work around it) and the guitars ended up sounding soft. As a result, I am considering re-recording the guitars again. Nevertheless it was a good experience as I was not used to recording more than one instrument simultaneously

This week I started creating my Battery drum patch. So far I have just placed the drums in the cells. My goal will be to edit and process them to make them punchier and more suitable for compositions.

Battery Screenshot

The drums imported into Battery

I have also started importing the bass samples into Kontakt. It’s a bit of a challenge as most of the bass notes as they used similar keys throughout the EP recording. I may do some extra processing (specifically slight pitch shifting) in Ableton to make sure they fit.

Kontakt screenshot

I used this video to help me sample instruments in Kontakt:

My goal for next week is to start processing and sampling the guitars in Ableton, begin processing the drum hits in Battery (and see if I can extract more samples in Ableton) and work more on processing the bass. I will be looking at more tutorial videos to assist me.


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