Puzzle Sampling Week 3

This week, I re-recorded Puzzle’s guitars at SAE for my sampling project. Actually it was just one guitar, I thought we were recording both bass and electric guitar but the band said they were fine with how the bass sounded so they didn’t bring it. It’s a shame as I actually hired a DI from […]

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Puzzle Sampling Project Week 1

This AUD210 project involves recording a rock band in the TLA studio, extracting the audio files and sampling the individual instruments in Battery and Kontakt. Last week Saturday, myself and a mate recorded the indie band Puzzle’s debut EP in the TLA studio. The band consisted of Alec Hay on drums, Jake Connor on bass […]

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Mmm that Country Twang

For our final task before we started our major projects, we had to do a series of radio themes and advertisements for a radio station with a chosen genre and demographic. Our group was assigned the “Country Twang” radio station and consisted of Ben McKinnie, Charles Taylor, Callum Ford and Terri Bellem. The hypothetical radio […]

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AUD210 Project preparation

This week, I started finalising the details for my major project. Through my friend Jaidyn Green, I hooked up with a band called Puzzle who were wishing to record their debut EP. Jaidyn agreed to do the mixing, and I have agreed to do the recording and producing.

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