Helping fellow students and composing a score

Part of the Bachelor degree entails using what I have learned to help other people’s projects. This week I assisted with two projects.

The first involved helping two students with their DEM230 Live composition. Using SAE’s Audient studio, I helped them set it up and also helped record acoustic guitar which they would load as a clip in Ableton Live. It was great using not only my knowledge from the Diploma but also what I learned in the TLA studio to help them set up. It was a bit tricky understanding the desk’s signal flow, but with a bit of help I was able to figure it out. Sadly we ran out of time before we had a complete song to record so they are currently working on the song in Ableton. I’ll send a link to the finished result soon.

The second project was to compose a score for a friend of a friend’s video game assignment. His friend needed a score for a motorcycle shooter video game he was working on. The track I ended up using was a 1 minute song my mate Nerdology and I did originally for the film score assessment back in the Diploma. However using my  skills on sound design, mixing and arrangement, I was able to extend and rework it tto make it suitable for the video game.

You can listen to the score below, bear in mind I was only required to do a rough mix:

This experience has definitely given my insight into working in groups and also helping them achieve their goals. I hope to get involved in more projects throughout this Diploma.


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