TLA Practice Session Part 2

This Thursday I thought I would do another practice session in the TLA studio. I was quite eager to get more practice in using the hardware effects gear. Again with my trusty friend, I thought I’d try and apply some of these effects. Using the patch cables, I was able to use the effects as both inserts and auxiliary effects. Here is an image of me using the patch cables to use the TLA compressor as an insert:


It was a bit tricky setting up the effects, but after a while I was able to use them. I particularly like the TLA Compressor and the Lexicon effects unit. Soon I’d like to try using the Drawmer compressor.

My mate had a track that he mastered and we decided to use the desk to give it a tape saturation feel. We used the TLA compressor and the EQs and recorded the result back into Pro Tools. The result was this:

Furthermore, my mate has experience in listening to a room acoustically and gave me some good tips as to where I could record drums, guitar, vocals etc. This knowledge has definitely helped me plan where I can place my instrumentalists and vocalists. Here are some images we took for reference:



Through practicing what I have learnt, I feel a lot more confident using the TLA desk. I will soon be using it for an up and coming project and I cannot wait to start using it for that.

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