TLA Practice Part 1

Last week Thursday, I booked out the TLA Studio and a recording room to practice getting a signal into the desk. I got a friend who studied SAE’s Diploma course to assist me.

Using the notes I collated in my last prac, I was able to get signal from the vocalist into the desk. I was also able to setup the talkback microphone to communicate with him. Here is an image of me using the desk.


I also used the brilliant condenser microphone, AKG C414 XLS to record the vocals. It was a little bit tricky setting up the studio, especially the talkback microphone but eventually I was able to record vocals perfectly in Pro Tools.

I have recently learned how to use the effects rack via patch cables. This Thursday, I’ll be in the studio again practicing mixing on the desk, applying effects and printing them onto Pro Tools. The goal will be to get more comfortable with using the TLA studio so I can utilise it in my main project.


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