Destroy Them With Lazerbass

This week I learned about sound design. In reality, I already knew about sound design through the Diploma i.e. oscillators, envelopes, LFOs, modulation etc. So instead of learning what I already knew using a basic synthesizer, I thought I needed a challenge.

My lecturer introduced me to Lazerbass, an instrument within Reaktor. Aside from one oscillator, the parameters were unlike any synthesizer I previously worked with. Here is an image of it below:

ni_reaktor55_Lazerbass(Image of Lazerbass. Source:

I was required to make 10 dubstep patches using this synth. I was quite intimidated by the synthesizer at first and thought I bit off more than I could chew. I couldn’t even find much tutorials on it since it wasn’t well known. So I had to look at the parameters and actually think about how they affected the sound, as opposed to making a patch through guesswork.

As I went through each of the parameters I began to realise how they changed the sound, and thus had an idea of what sounds I could make. I was able to create my ten patches and for a synth I don’t normally use, I think I did a neat job! This experience has taught me not to take the synthesizer parameters for granted and appreciate how they build a patch. I certainly feel that I can make sounds on almost any synthesizer if I just take a little time getting to know it better.

I’ll post a little demo featuring the patches soon. My next goal will be to look at Logic’s ES2 synthesizer and see what sounds I can make.

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