First look at the TLA Studio

One of the studios I was eager to start working in was SAE’s TLA (Tube Levelling Amplifier) studio. Until recently, I mostly used software to mix and produce songs. I did use SAE’s 8 Buss Studios but they were more entry level compared to the TLA. Here are some photos I took:

IMG_0160The desk of the TLA Studio


The hardware effects rack

I am also interested in using the hardware compressors, gates, reverbs and delays. This was more of an introduction to get us a bit familiar. At first I was a bit intimidated by the size of the desk and its 32 channels, but after understanding how the channel strip worked, I started to get a bit familiar. In fact, the desk was just a larger scaled version of the 8 Buss Studios.

I will be back in this studio next week just to get more acquainted with it. My goal is to thoroughly learn and memorise the signal flow. I cannot wait to start using it for audio projects!

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