Week 2 – Beat construction

This week, for one of my tasks I had to recreate a beat on Attack Magazine’s “Beats Dissected” section using Ableton’s Drum rack. Here’s the link to the beat I had to recreate: http://www.attackmagazine.com/technique/beat-dissected/industrial-techno/

I have had experience in constructing house, drum & bass, and dubstep beats and so I decided to make a beat I was not familiar with. I chose to recreate an industrial techno beat which you can listen below.

Through doing this exercise, I realised that programmed beats were more than just drum hits being organised in a certain way. I found myself using bitcrushers and reverbs to give the drum hits a digital and industial feel. I also had to dig through my samples folder to find the precise drum hits that were needed, and I felt that I could have gotten better samples (I was using the computers at SAE though).

I learned other ways to make more complex and interesting drum beats and also learned that you had to use the right drum samples to create the right beat for the genre. I now look at beatmaking in a whole new way and I have no doubt that I will be using new processing techniques to give my beats a unique sound.

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