Teaching myself Logic Pro X

So since I have experience in using Ableton Live and Pro Tools to compose and mix music, as part of my self-directed learning, I will be teaching myself how to use Logic Pro X. I was a bit skeptical of using it as it looked a bit tricky (and because it’s Mac exclusive… and I have a Windows laptop at home), but I decided to give it a shot as I have always been interested in using the software.

I used Logic once while at SAE’s old Electronic Music Production studio last trimester. It took me over 30 minutes just to figure out how to load a synthesizer! However after looking up tutorials on lynda.com, I gained a better idea of how to use it and loading synthesizers was easy. So I will be looking up more tutorials over the course of this degree to become as familiar with Logic as I am with Ableton and Pro Tools.

Since I don’t have the software at home, I will have to be at the SAE campus to practice using it. For now, I’m more focused on looking at the tutorials and next week I will try and compose a small 1 minute song using Logic.


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