Week 1 – Introduction to AUD210

Hi my name is David Harper and this is the first post my blog for my AUD210 (Audio Studio 1) class. In this blog, I will be documenting all the stuff I have learned while completing my Bachelor of Audio at the SAE Institute in Perth.

I have been producing since late 2011 and have been wanting to produce electronic music since I was around 5 years old. I used to play drums and piano and that also contributed to my desire to make electronic music. I recently completed my Diploma of Sound at SAE majoring in electronic music production earlier this year. Since mid-2015, I have been producing various kinds electronic music as AudioKrow.

I mostly produce house music but I am open to mixing and producing all genres. My favourite genres are progressive house, deep house, future house, big room house, melbourne bounce, trance, dubstep, trap and drum & bass.

I use Ableton Live 9 Suite to make music and Pro Tools 12 for professional mixing. I use the Sennheiser HD380 Pro Headphones and the JBL LSR308 studio monitors for mixing. For recording I use the AKG P420 Condenser Microphone (which is an updated version of the Perception 420). I use a PreSonus USB AudioBox as my audio interface and the AKAI MPK225 as my MIDI keyboard. Here is a picture of my home studio below:


Through completing the Bachelor, I aim to improve my audio engineering skills as well as learn new composition and synthesis techniques.  I also have an interest in performing live and I like using the AKAI APC40 MKII alongside Ableton Live for “DJing”.

Since I have experience in using Ableton  and Pro Tools, over the next few months I will be teaching myself Logic Pro X. I will also be looking at more advanced mixing techniques (such as mid-side EQ processing) and looking at ways to enhance my critical listening skills.

All tracks which I produce and mix will be uploaded to this Soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/davidharpersae

If you’d like to hear some of my more ‘professional’ work as AudioKrow you can also check out this Soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/audiokrow

Anyway I’ll be posting a lot more interesting stuff on this blog soon so watch this space!


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